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The Disaster Advocates Inc. is a group of skilled, experienced, and compassionate professionals who work together to assist policyholders by investigating their insurance claims to achieve proper and fair claim settlements. We are a licensed public insurance adjuster for several states who have the expertise to assist policyholders to “Claim What’s Yours.” We offer our clients policy coverage and claim analysis, damage estimation reports for construction costs, content inventory reporting for personal property losses, thermal infrared inspections to find hidden damage, and forensic accounting to provide proof of lost income due to the events that caused the insurance claim. The Disaster Advocates use the latest technology, equipment, data, and reporting analysis to quantify losses.


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Texas is home to 10.5 million homes and businesses. While Texas is known for its big hats, big smiles, and big open spaces, it is also known for its big disasters – natural and manmade.

Recently, the reality of disaster hit home when Denton, Texas was rocked by a severe weather event causing more than $500 million of damage to nearby homes and businesses. Disasters such as this highlight the need for professional claim assistance and insurance claims services.

We are currently assisting Texas policyholders with claims related to fires, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, flood, water, hail, lightning, equipment breakdown, and theft and vandalism. Whether they are acts of God or acts of criminals, The Disaster Advocates have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide our clients with an accelerated disaster recovery through our excellent insurance claim and settlement services. TDA specializes in fighting for policyholders in the following markets: Commercial, Restaurant, Retail & Office Buildings, Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, Manufacturing and Residential, to ensure you receive the maximum insurance claim settlement you deserve.

Accurate reporting and documentation of losses is crucial to ensuring that policyholders receive fair claim settlements for their losses. It is the policyholder’s responsibility to prove their losses, and without representation by professional public adjusters who know how to get things done, that task becomes nearly impossible. Our job is to advocate for the Texas policyholder by helping them recover insurance claim settlement monies through careful analysis and preparation of their disaster insurance claim.

The Disaster Advocates, Inc. can help you “Claim What’s Yours” — compensation for your losses, and a hand up to help you move forward toward recovery. Please contact TDA Public Adjusters to set up your No Cost Consultation.



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