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Hidden Damage Due To Hail & Wind Storm Damage

Hidden Damage Due To Hail & Wind Storm Damage:  Did Your Insurance Company Do A Thermal Infrared Scan To Uncover Hidden Damage?

As a public adjuster I get questions from contractors & property owners regarding whether the insurance company has found all the damage.  The Disaster Advocates Inc. are "Hidden Damage" specialist.  Many property owners & restoration contractors rely on what you can "visually" see to determine the damage to a property from hail & wind storms. TDA claims utilizes the most advanced technology to find all damages both visual & hidden.  These techniques allow for us to get the ever elusive BUR with gravel ballast roofs plus other flat roof systems "bought" from the insurance companies due to hail/wind damage. How many times have we all heard, "we don't see any visible...

In Texas, To Proceed or Not To Proceed?

In Texas, To Proceed or Not To Proceed? Restoration “Insurance Pricing & Proceeds” Contingency Contracts

I will preface this blog post by stating that I am not an attorney and I am not offering legal advice. If you are a property owner or a contractor I would suggest consulting an attorney prior to signing an “insurance pricing & proceeds” contract. I am a Texas Public Insurance Adjuster who assists property owners with insurance claim disputes. “In Texas, To Proceed or Not To Proceed?” That is the million dollar question. Both Texas property owners & insurance restoration contractors should be wary of such contracts by proceeding with much caution. Property owners must be aware that contractors soliciting insurance proceeds contracts as “insurance claim experts, claim negotiators,” may be in violation of Texas House Bill 1183 & Texas...
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