Hidden Damage Due To Hail & Wind Storm Damage

Hidden Damage Due To Hail & Wind Storm Damage:  Did Your Insurance Company Do A Thermal Infrared Scan To Uncover Hidden Damage?

As a public adjuster I get questions from contractors & property owners regarding whether the insurance company has found all the damage.  The Disaster Advocates Inc. are “Hidden Damage” specialist.  Many property owners & restoration contractors rely on what you can “visually” see to determine the damage to a property from hail & wind storms. TDA claims utilizes the most advanced technology to find all damages both visual & hidden.  These techniques allow for us to get the ever elusive BUR with gravel ballast roofs plus other flat roof systems “bought” from the insurance companies due to hail/wind damage.

How many times have we all heard, “we don’t see any visible hail or wind direct physical damage” from an insurance company. Or the gravel protects the roof from the hail damage, yet it is leaking like crazy after the storm.  Too many times to count.  

Let TDA show you the other side of the coin by investigating hidden damage to maximize the claim value.  Many times our investigations & reporting yields much higher claim values than contractors.  We do work with the most qualified contractors, but we do look at things from a different perspective.  

We call this style of valuation “aggressively honest.”  We can honestly justify every line item in our reports & include every penny an insurance company could potentially owe.  We know how to get the highest price points per square ft on construction & also look at values that the insurance company owes outside of construction that benefits the clients.  Did you know the insurance companies owe penalty interest (18% per year) on the money that they were supposed to pay but didn’t?  They were making profits on “float money” that should have gone to the property owner by intentionally underpaying claims to increase the insurance company’s profits. This is money that we can negotiate that a contractor cannot.  Our contingency 10 % fee becomes a non issue when we negotiate such good values for our clients.  

We are averaging settlements that after our fees yields higher pricing than the contractors get on their own.  This is why every property owner & insurance restoration contractor should utilize our help.

We are very contractor friendly & feel like we can work together to recover the highest claim potential for every mutual client.

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