Property Insurance Claims Process: Duties and Responsibilities

Property Insurance Claims Process: Duties and Responsibilities

Because there are so few insurance claims settlement courses available to property owners, many property owners do not know that they have specific responsibilities and duties to perform after property damage and loss. In an effort to inform and empower policyholders and property owners, the Texas public adjuster team done our due diligence and provided a detailed list below of the responsibilities and duties of the property owners and insurance companies when handling property insurance claims.

 After Property Damage and Loss: Duties and Responsibilities

As prepared by a Texas public adjuster here is a basic list for each party’s duties after a loss.

Policyholder’s duties and responsibilities:

  • Give prompt written notice of damage claim. Include a description of the property involved (commercial or residential).
  • Protect the property from further damage.
  • Make reasonable, necessary, and temporary repairs to protect the property.
  • Keep an accurate record of repair expenses.
  • Furnish a complete inventory of damaged personal or business property.
  • As often as insurance company reasonably requires; provide access to the damaged property, provide them with pertinent records and documents requested, and submit to examination under oath.
  • Send a proof of loss within applicable timeline (depends on insurance policy).

Insurance company’s duties and responsibilities:Texas-Public-Insurance-Adjsuter-TDA-Property-Insurance-Claims-Process

  • To investigate your property damage claim properly and promptly.
  • Employ competent staff and insurance adjusters to assist with your claim.
  • Adjusters must look with an eye for what is covered.
  • Can’t make a misrepresentation of your policy and/or policy coverage.
  • Must acknowledge your property insurance claim in writing.
  • Must process your insurance claim settlement promptly.
  • Must send an itemized estimate of damage.
  • No delays outside timelines set by state insurance codes without a written request from policyholder (see our post on understanding insurance claim process and deadlines).
  • Can’t refuse or deny a claim without putting it in writing, citing reasons why.

When the policyholder knows what needs to be done in order to move the insurance claim process forward, they are most likely to step up and take action. When the policyholder wants an advocate in their corner who can speak the “insurance-ese” of the insurance claim filing process, and provide them with the public adjuster counsel and support they need to succeed at getting the claim they deserve, they hire the The Disaster Advocates your Texas public insurance adjuster. Learn more about what a public insurance adjuster can do in Texas.

As Texas public adjusters of The Disaster Advocates we believe that our duties and responsibilities are to the policyholde, we are on their side to help them claim what they deserve.

TDA Texas Public Adjuster duties and responsibilities:

  • Investigating the property insurance claims using skilled inspectors and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Thoroughly cataloging the extent of the damage and presenting it in writing.
  • Creating a detailed content inventory using our own Texas public adjuster template.
  • Helping the policyholder file the insurance claim settlements in a timely manner.
  • Undertaking any costs analysis that covers the value of the property, the costs of repair vs. replacement, the costs of construction and labor, and the cost to replace contents lost during the disaster.
  • Stand as advocate alongside the property owner so that when it comes time to face down the giant of the insurance company, they have the strength and mighty weapons necessary to emerge victorious.
  • And much more insurance claims services

To learn more about how we can help, contact the Texas public adjusters at The Disaster Advocates today for your No Cost Consultation and Claims Review.

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