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The Disaster Advocates Inc. – Texas Insurance Claim Adjuster

Lead by Founder Lindsey Douglass, TDA has been assisting Texas business owners and residents with insurance claims for catastrophic disasters for nearly a decade.  She has a passion for helping policyholders by identifying all the damages relating to their losses, and making sure that they fully recover. The Disaster Advocates work in partnership with our clients; we never charge our clients out of pocket, we are only compensated when they receive an insurance claim settlement from the work that TDA’s insurance claims experts performed.  Our goal is to make sure we can provide a win-win scenario.  No disaster recovery, no fee.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that over 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster. Of the remaining businesses, at least 25% will close within 2 years. According to the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, over 60% of businesses confronted by a major disaster close within two years. Don’t become a victim twice. Make sure your insurance claim is prepared by an expert Texas insurance claim adjuster who has your best interests in mind. Let The Disaster Advocates help you “Claim What’s Yours.”

Unfortunately, most property owners do not have a background in claim adjusting, but are put in the position of trying to navigate all the ins and outs of filing a Texas insurance claim when disaster strikes. Because of the confusion, frustration, and bullying in the insurance industry there is a need for expert knowledge, confident skill, and fierce compassion.

Most property owners have not gone through the rigors of processing an insurance claim, and so they believe that their insurance company will treat them with “Good Hands,” or “Like a Good Neighbor.” Not surprisingly, as the insurance claim process begins, many policyholders discover that those promises are “for advertising purposes only.”  How will a property owner know how to calculate their losses on their own, or what’s covered in their policy? Or how will they have access to state-of-the art-technology to find hidden damages? How can policyholders understand the complicated insurance claim process and deadlines? These are questions few policyholders consider when purchasing insurance policies from “trusted” insurers.

At The Disaster Advocates we know the answers, and this is why hiring us as your expert public insurance adjuster is invaluable.

Let The Disaster Advocates be your insurance claim concierge. We offer our services for business claims, property damage claims, property loss claims, and much more. If an insurance company is involved, we can help you “Claim What’s Yours,” and begin the process of rebuilding. Please contact TDA Public Adjusters to set up your No Cost Consultation.

Our job as your claims and settlement advocate is the service of taking care of all your claim needs.  We can be a resource for all your loss related questions, and having an expert insurance claim adjuster on your side helps you navigate all aspects of the claim process.

Texas Public Adjuster Testimonials:

Pat L. of Advance Restaurant Solutions said, “I have had the pleasure of doing business with Lindsey Douglass and The Disaster Advocates Inc.  My firm has many restaurant clients that have sustained financial and physical losses due to disaster damages such as hurricanes, fires, storm, water losses and hail damage.  I always recommend Lindsey to my clients to help assist them during the claim process.  Her expertise has helped them recover more money than they had received on their own and much faster.  In the four years I have been recommending her she has assisted more than a dozen claims for my clients.  The same clients have hired her more than once because they see the benefit of letting an expert handle the claim.  She has recovered millions of dollars in funds and continues to do so for active claims she is handling.  I never have to worry about the client service, calls get returned and results happen.  I would recommend The Disaster Advocates to any business that has sustained a loss and wants to maximize their claim.”

Siam A. of Sand & Sun Inc. said, “I have hired Lindsey Douglass to assist my company with several insurance claims.  She has produced very good results.  I initially did the claims on my own and after she investigated the claims she uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars that had not been paid.  Lindsey and her team of experts were able to help me recover the money that was owed.  I have recommended her to other business associates and friends because she knows how to get the job done.”


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