Fire Damage Claims
Fire Damage Claims


Fire Damage Claims in Texas

Whether it’s a wildfire, accidental fire, or arson the effects of it are devastating.  Filing a fire damage claim in Texas is hard enough, but when you lose what you value most, it makes the fire claim settlement process difficult, emotional, and draining.

The Disaster Advocates has handled the filing of many fire damage claims, including the devastating Bastrop Wildfires. Depending on the severity of the loss, each policyholder will have many challenges facing them during the fire insurance claim process.  A policyholder must explore the many steps of fire insurance claim in Texas filing, which can include: the investigation of the rebuilding costs, increased cost of construction, contents replacement inventory, and loss of use. Despite devastating loss and potential physical recovery, a policyholder is still left to inventory their belongings.  Many times, even when faced with a total fire loss, the property owner’s insurance company will only pay the structure portion of the fire insurance claim at policy limits, leaving the property owner the responsibility of inventorying their belongings to make a personal property fire damage claim.

After fire damage, trying to remember every item you had in your household is nearly impossible, but the Texas insurance company will not offer you any assistance.  They will send you some inventory forms and leave it up to you to fend for yourself. It is also important to keep in mind the water damage caused by fighting a fire.

Hiring The Disaster Advocates (TDA Claims) in Houston to take on the time-consuming burden of preparing your home inventory for an insurance claim will help you focus on more important aspects of your recovery. The insurance company will not do it for you, so let us help you with that fire damage insurance claim burden. The experience and tools we bring to the table include a content and belongings template that lists the most common items found in a home – this saves time, and time is money.


“We lost our home in the devastating Bastrop Wildfire. Our insurance company responded quickly and settled the structure portion rapidly.  However, the contents portion became a nightmare.  List everything you ever owned – assign a brand name – year of purchase – quality of wear, and we will then depreciate it.  It was exhausting and we spent hours and weekends sifting through our memories! It became obvious after months of frustration and minimal progress that we were amateurs!  We enlisted the help of Lindsey Douglass – a certified Texas public adjuster, and were assured that all would be well. Indeed, we still invested many hours, but the process was integrated and the progress was evident. The relief we felt by being guided by professionals was obvious right from the start. We eventually submitted the content inventory to the insurance company and were accepted on the first attempt. We heartily recommend Ms. Lindsey Douglass and her staff of public insurance adjusters. They were comprehensive, thorough, and sympathetic – and for that, we are thankful.”

Let The Disaster Advocates help you “Claim What’s Yours” after a devastating fire. Please contact TDA Public Adjusters to set up your No Cost Consultation.

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