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Hail Damage Insurance Claims in Texas

According to the Insurance Journal, “Damage caused by wind and hail cost State Farm and its policyholders more than $3.9 billion in 2012.” According to State Farm, the states with the most wind/hail losses include:

Texas 47,000 claims
Illinois 41,000 claims
New York 34,000 claims
Ohio 31,000 claims
Missouri 25,000 claims
Tennessee 24,000 claims
Indiana 23,000 claims
New Jersey 23,000 claims
Kentucky 22,000 claims
Colorado 16,000 claims

It’s not surprising to see Texas leading the list in hail damage. While hail storms most frequently impact the Great Plains and Midwest, every state in the nation is susceptible – according to the insurer.”

Because of its climate, Texas ranked number one in the number of wind and hail insurance claims in 2012. Texas insurance premiums are some of the highest in the United States due to the risk of hail damage occurring, and the amount of hail damage claims in Texas that are filed. This frequent hail storm damage and insurance claim activity adds to the challenge of properly handling the hail damage claim process.

When a hail storm rips through an area of Texas, the most common damage reported is hail roof damage. When it comes to filing a claim for hail storm roof damage, the decision must be made whether to repair or replace, and Policyholders need to know the roof damage insurance claim process. Many times insurance companies only patch the visible problem areas, leaving unseen structural damage to continue weakening the roof, and without a proper thermal infrared inspection your left guessing. This is why hiring The Disaster Advocates for your Texas hail damage insurance claim is the best decision you’ll make.

We will thoroughly investigate the damage, and determine whether your roof needs replacement, or simply repair. Rather than pay out what is owed to the policyholder, the insurance company will make excuses, blaming wear and tear, and age rather than hail damage.  Issues arise when everyone else in the neighborhood gets a new roof, and this property owner is left wondering why the insurance company refused to document any hail roof damage. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Fortunately, hiring a public adjuster is a good decision that will help the property owner determine the true hail damage insurance claim value in Texas.

Let The Disaster Advocates help you “Claim What’s Yours” after hail damages your property. Please contact us to set up your No Cost Consultation.

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