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Lightning Strike Damage Insurance Claims in Texas

When lightning strikes a property it can cause a plethora of problems, which can include: physical damage to the structure, electrical system, equipment, electronics, phone systems, and appliances.  One of the most important aspects of investigating lighting insurance claims in Texas is determining the exact location of where the lightning strike happened on the property.  Some Texas property insurance policies will deny the claim if the lightning bolt did not strike “on-site.”  Depending on the policy and what endorsements are included, this type of lightning strike damage claim may or may not be paid.  The location of the lightning strike is a crucial factor in lightning insurance claims, and therefore it is important to hire a professional public adjuster to investigate the property damage properly.

If your lightning damage claim was denied for “off premise power surge,” you need to hire The Disaster Advocates to take a second look. We can perform a policy and claim analysis to determine if you were wrongly denied. Many times insurance company adjusters are in a hurry and will overlook clues that would have led to an approved claim or higher claim payout. Once we determine whether there is lightning insurance claims coverage, the primary task then becomes assessing and measuring the scope of damage to the property.

This investigation includes determining if systems can be repaired or if a replacement is needed. In some cases, it will be necessary to hire outside experts to fully uncover and document all underlying issues. These experts may include: an electrician, electrical engineer, appliance expert, and electronics experts. The Disaster Advocates have a pool of experts at our clients’ disposal.  We believe that by investigating all aspects of the claim and leaving no stone unturned, the property owner will be able to fully recover from the effects of lightning damage to their property in Texas.

Let The Disaster Advocates help you “Claim What’s Yours” after lightning strike damage to your property. Please contact TDA Public Adjusters to set up your No Cost Consultation and Claims Review.

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