Commercial Insurance Claims and Settlement in Texas

Commercial losses can be very challenging, and the layers of the policy coverage are complex.  The benefits of hiring The Disaster Advocates in a commercial claim outweigh any contingent fee for our services. Insurance companies will have their most experienced insurance adjusters and experts working on commercial damage and loss claims.

This is to their advantage not yours.

Trying to navigate the disaster claims settlement process without representation usually results in costly mistakes. A professional public adjuster is an asset to a business owner during this crucial time when your time is money. When your business is closed due to a loss, having an expert protecting your interest is invaluable. Understanding your policy and its coverage is difficult with commercial policies. Each insurance policy is written in legal language that is meant to confuse business owners, which is a benefit to the insurance company, not the policyholder. Having an expert on your side to manage all aspects of the insurance claim process will help a business owner focus on restoring operations of their business. The claim process is very time consuming and proving your claim takes a league of experts. The Disaster Advocates have a league of experts that we can assign to document the losses. Every damage claim has its own merits and will need certain expertise to prove what the claim values truly are.  Relying on your insurance company to tell you the value of the damage claim is a grave financial mistake. Public insurance adjusters exist because of the inherent conflict of interest that exists when one person or entity (insurance company) attempts to represent two different sides of a financial transaction. Your insurance company will have experts on their side to minimize the damage to their bottom line; they don’t care about the damage to yours.

The types of commercial insurance claims we typically handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Business and industrial claims
  • State and municipal claims
  • Hotels
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Condominium associations
  • Apartment complexes
  • Industrial parks
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Production plants and factories
  • Manufacturing
  • High rise office towers
  • Professional offices

The complex engine of a commercial insurance claim has many moving parts. Hiring The Disaster Advocates to start a full investigation into the repair vs. replacement of damaged property can have powerful effects in the long term. The investigation will yield results regarding whether the insurance company owes the full replacement of damaged property.

For example: when a flat roof system is patched after storm damage, depending on if there is trapped moisture, an investigation into the system will determine whether it will perform it’s intended life cycle. Many insurance companies try to patch repair the roof damage to save money on their bottom line. Many times, this patchwork leaves water damage under the system and devalues the property. Our certified property inspectors use a number of effective methods, such as thermal infrared technology, to determine whether the roof needs replacement.

Business and personal property inventories can take an enormous amount of time to prepare during any damage insurance claims especially in Texas. Hiring a Texas public adjuster to assist in the inventory process can help relieve the time and hassle. The format for inventory for insurance claims is a special task; there are many components, such as: replacement costs, depreciation, life cycles, and formulas to calculate the losses. Having an expert public adjuster complete an inventory for the claim is beneficial. You don’t want the insurance company to calculate the depreciation on the items you inventoried, because many times they over-depreciate the inventory. Let The Disaster Advocates take the headache and immense time element out of content inventories.

Business interruption claims have many nuances, and most of the time the insurance company’s expert CPA does not provide accurate calculations. We have found many mistakes made by these so-called “experts” from the insurance company. When you have a true expert on your side, your business interests are protected.

Let The Disaster Advocates help you “Claim What’s Yours.” Please contact TDA Public Adjusters for your commercial insurance claim and settlement needs, so we can set up your No Cost Consultation and Claims Review.

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