Manufacturing Insurance Claims Settlement in Texas

The Disaster Advocates, are experienced at successfully dealing with manufacturing loss and damage insurance claims, from storm damage to equipment breakdown claims and everything in between. We recently aided a box manufacturing plant that filed a hail damage claim. We were able to utilize the latest thermal infrared technology to determine that there were hidden openings in the flat roof system.  This type of technology can be vital to proving direct physical damage to a flat roof structure. Hiring an expert and certified thermographer is crucial for identifying all of the hidden damages. The Disaster Advocates is proud of its expert league of industry professionals and resources who can help each property owner maximize their insurance claim.

There are many departments affected by a plant shut down when damage and the  insurance claim process keeps the doors closed. The claims process and resulting investigation can be very nitpicky, and it can be difficult to place value on construction costs, business interruption, ordinary payroll, damage to inventory, loss of production, and many other factors. Analyzing all aspects of the manufacturer’s business is important when calculating the total value of the claim. Whether you’re forecasting production loss value, sales value of the goods, and/or an actual report of the costs of operations, all  factors must be considered when calculating the business interruption claim.

TDA speaks the language of insurance claims and is fluent in the all-important language of “maximizing the claim.” By hiring a professional Texas public insurance adjuster to navigate the complicated waters of the claims settlement process, you will likely get a better settlement faster, and can recover much faster.  There are limits in the manufacturer’s insurance policy regarding how much or how long you will be compensated for your losses, so let us help your plant “Claim What’s Yours.” Please contact TDA Public Adjusters for your manufacturing insurance claim and settlement needs, so we can set up your No Cost Consultation.

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