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Multi-Family Apartment Buildings Insurance Claims In Texas

The Disaster Advocates, specialize in multi-family apartment building damage and loss insurance claims. After Hurricane Ike damaged the Houston and Galveston areas, our public insurance adjusters negotiated better insurance settlements from insurance companies with over 1,000 units of apartment buildings.

As an example of bad representation, in one claim the insurance company sent an adjuster who didn’t even bother to get on all 52 roofs of the apartment complex. The insurance company then proceeded to send a letter to the owner to inform them that the insurance claim was under the deductible. After our company was hired to perform a thermal infrared inspection to find the source of a leak in several buildings, it was obvious that the property was still suffering due to the damage from Hurricane Ike.  After the owner decided to allow us to investigate the claim, we uncovered damages that totaled nearly $10 million.  The insurance claim was later settled for over $9.2 million.

Unfortunately, this is a perfect example of an apartment complex owner who resides out of state, and doesn’t have real time, up-to-date information, or hands-on, visual confirmation of the damage so they are easily deceived by the insurance company about the value of the insurance claim settlement. This kind of dishonesty is why it is so important for a property owner to hire an expert who will stand on their side to ensure a proper investigation; to make sure the insurance company adjuster gets up on every roof, does their job, doesn’t miscalculate the deductible in the favor of the insurance company, or undervalue the claim. The Disaster Advocates will perform unit-by-unit inspections to uncover all damages relating to a loss event. We endeavor to minimize the disturbance and frustration to the tenants and property managers by efficiently planning the inspection process.

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