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Retail And Office Buildings Insurance Claims in Texas

The Disaster Advocates, assist property owners with insurance claims on commercial, retail, and office spaces.  We find that these types of structure claims are often underpaid due to their typical flat roof structure.  Many times the insurance company tries to patch repair the flat roof system, but this presents many problems for the property managers/owners in the long term.

Let our team of certified inspectors investigate your insurance claim to determine the entire loss value.  With minimal disturbance to the occupants of the space, The Disaster Advocates can provide evidence and proof of the damage behind the claim by compiling the proper documentation.  Recently we handled a wind damage claim for a retail property and were able to successfully recover 500% more money than the owner was able to get on their own.

There are many factors to consider when dealing with a retail insurance claim. The Disaster Advocates have extensive knowledge of how a claim affects the marketability of inventory, especially for seasonal items.  For example, we handled a water damage claim for a local shoe store. The insurance company attempted to state that there was no water damage to the inventory, just the boxes that the shoes came in. We were able to negotiate the replacement of the entire shoe inventory based on the packaging issues.  There are guidelines that retailers must follow regarding quality of merchandise, and they couldn’t pass off those shoes as first quality items when they had damaged packaging. As a result, the insurance company eventually paid replacement cost for the inventory, plus compensation for down time with the business interruption claim used for replenishing stock. The insurance company used a salvage company to purchase the damaged stock and recouped some of their losses.

These are all factors that can be negotiated, and when you have an expert public adjuster on your side, the interests of your store come first.

Filing office building insurance claims can be a detrimental process to the owner and property manager.  The threat of losing tenant(s) long term has a huge financial impact for the property. That is why completing the insurance claim in a timely manner is paramount to the property owner. When a property manager is handling a disaster or damage loss insurance claim it can take longer than if they had hired a professional public adjuster.  The manager has a full time job overseeing multiple properties, so hiring The Disaster Advocates to focus on the claim settlement and speed up the recovery time is a benefit that outweighs the cost of the contingent fee. Both the construction aspect of the claim and loss of income can come into play when dealing with an office building insurance claim.  Frequently, office or retail building insurance claim policies have occupancy clauses that can be should be reviewed by a professional public adjuster in order to ensure your claim is maximized.

Let The Disaster Advocates help you “Claim What’s Yours.” Please contact TDA Public Adjusters for your buildings insurance claim and settlement needs, so we can set up your No Cost Consultation.

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