What Is A Public Insurance Adjuster?

What Is A Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Texas public insurance adjuster is licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance to represent policyholders in negotiations for their insurance claim settlements. As licensed public adjusters, we are required to be bonded, fingerprinted, pass the Texas state exam, have a criminal/background check, and submit an application for license approval by the TDI. We only represent policyholders, not the insurance companies, which means that we always have the interests of the victims in mind. TDA Texas insurance adjusters are advocates you can trust to help you get the compensation you deserve through your insurance claim settlements. Any fees charged to you are regulated by the Texas Insurance Code, and our fee is contingent upon success of the settlement claim. If you don’t recover a settlement, you don’t pay us a fee. Ever.

Why hire a public insurance adjuster?

When disasters strike, which is unfortunately a common occurrence in Texas, the emotional, mental, and often physical toll can be staggering. Not only are you left to sift through the remains of your personal life or business, you are left dealing with an insurance company that would rather leave you alone in your time of need than give you the attention, care, and compensation you deserve in order to recover. A public insurance adjuster is the one to turn to when disaster hits home and it seems like no one is there to help you get back on your feet.

Not only that, there are several other reasons you should hire a public adjuster:The-Disaster-Advocates-Texas-public-insurance-adjusters

Knowledge – A Texas public insurance adjuster is knowledgeable about the whole insurance claims filing and settlement process. They know the ins and outs of a claim, how to investigate and gather the required documentation and proof, they know how and when to file the claim. As the claim process begins many property owners find out that insurance company’s only real interest is to save themselves time and money. When the insurance company leaves the property owners high and dry, will the property owner know how to calculate their losses on their own, or what’s covered in their policy?

When you have a knowledgeable public insurance adjuster on your side, the only thing you have to know is what happened, when it happened, and who to call. You can leave the rest to our dedicated team of Texas insurance adjusters.

Fairness – Public insurance adjusters exist in Texas because insurance companies cannot represent themselves and their clients when a policyholder files a claim after a disaster occurs. When the insurance company attempts to settle a claim, the policyholder is left confused, frustrated, and quite often underpaid. When a disaster happens, the property owner needs to hire someone who is there to protect the property owner’s interests. A public insurance adjuster will investigate and catalog all property damage relating to the claim, which allows the property owner to deal with the business of recovering and not arguing with the insurance company.

Shoulder the Burden – When a property owner experiences loss of property, income, or even loss of life they become overwhelmed with grief, anger, disbelief, and hopelessness. It’s hard to image what someone can go through when disaster brings ruin and loss. When property owners lose everything, they can put their burdens on the strong and capable shoulders of a licensed public insurance adjuster who can confidently handle the filing of the disaster claim and all the hurdles involved in the insurance claim settlement process and deadlines. While the property owner is busy grieving and trying to start over, the public adjuster is busy going head to head with the insurance company to guarantee that the damage is properly listed, the claim is properly filed, the insurance company gives proper attention to the claim, and the claim is settled providing the property owner with the money they need to rebuild what was lost.

You can learn more about the duties and skills of a Texas public insurance adjuster when you contact the experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and persistent public adjusters of The Disaster Advocates. Please contact TDA Public Adjusters to set up your No Cost Consultation, our public adjusters work for you, not the insurance company.


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